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International Women’s Day: Recognizing Women Leaders Building the Future


New Delhi (India), March 8: As the world celebrates International Women’s Day, it’s essential to shine a spotlight on the remarkable women leaders who are not only making strides today but also shaping the future for generations to come. This article delves into the inspiring journeys of women leaders across various fields, highlighting their contributions, challenges, and the transformative impact they’ve had on societies worldwide. Join us in honoring these trailblazers as we acknowledge their pivotal role in building a more equitable, inclusive, and prosperous future for all.

Aditi Gupta: Founder & CEO of TechTip24

Aditi Gupta, a self-made entrepreneur, corporate trainer, and tech coach having professional experience of working in top MNCs and conducting several seminars in different global universities. She started her journey in the field of entrepreneurship at a very young age and established an ed-tech company. As an advocate for education and innovation, Aditi has had the privilege of training over 50,000 students worldwide in the field of data analytics through TechTip24. Over the past three years, she has achieved this milestone from the comfort of her own home, harnessing the power of online learning and engagement. With 200,000+ followers, she shares valuable insights and tips for academic and professional growth, captivating and engaging her audience. She aims to make students more aware and skilled in the field of analytics and is fully dedicated and committed to it. She has been Presented with several awards like Edupreneur of the Year Award by Global Startup Summit, 2023, The Woman Entrepreneur to Watch for Training and Consulting Space” by Business Connect magazine, Delhi. 2023.

Anuradha Gupta: Founder & CEO of Amantya Technologies

Anuradha has been the driving force behind Amantya’s remarkable journey to success, leveraging over two decades of experience in technology, innovation, and engineering solutions. As CEO, she charts the company’s strategic course towards pioneering solutions in 5G Wireless, AI/ML, IoT, Edge, and Cloud. Under her leadership, Amantya swiftly became a global leader, delivering innovative products worldwide. Anuradha’s relentless pursuit of excellence and customer-centric approach have been pivotal in Amantya’s growth trajectory. Her visionary leadership and passion for innovation foster a thriving culture, driving employee growth and company success. Anuradha has been honored as ‘Entrepreneur of the Year 2023’ in Technology by Entrepreneur Magazine. Under her guidance, Amantya received prestigious awards such as ‘Best MSME in Telecom Ecosystem’ twice at India Mobile Congress and ‘Best Telecom Startup of the Year’ by ET Telecom, solidifying its position as an industry frontrunner.

Bhavishya Sindwani: Founder & CEO of PanelIQ Technologies

Discover the extraordinary journey of Bhavishya, a visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist making waves in both the corporate and social sectors. With a stellar MBA from IIM-K and a diverse background in software development and project management at leading startups like Reliance Jio, Bhavishya has carved a path of success that is as inspiring as it is impactful. Through sheer determination and relentless effort, Bhavishya founded PanelIQ Technologies, a groundbreaking firm that has transformed the landscape of recruitment strategies. But Bhavishya’s commitment to creating positive change doesn’t stop there. Recently, Bhavishya launched Sahayog Sankalp, an NGO dedicated to empowering specially-abled individuals by providing them with meaningful employment opportunities. Through Bhavishya’s innovative initiatives and unwavering dedication, lives are being transformed, and barriers are being broken down, truly embodying the spirit of compassion and success.

Esha Tiwary: Founder of Furrl

Esha is passionate about brands and e-commerce, having built multiple businesses from ground-up. As a Former Partner and India Head at Entrepreneur First, Esha played a pivotal role in building a portfolio of 42 start-ups within just three years, redefining entrepreneurship in the country. Esha led Myntra’s Emerging Categories, then served as CMO at Cloudnine Healthcare, achieving transformative success. Furrl, founded by Esha, is redefining the fashion shopping experience. A digital haven for unique digital-first brands, boasting of over 10,000 products across fashion and lifestyle. Furrl excels in curating unique, homegrown, independent brands with compelling stories, offering what’s unavailable or overlooked on other platforms. The #vibe-first architecture enables the salient discovery of brands and products, tailored to each customer’s unique vibe. Esha aims to establish Furrl as the ultimate hub for contemporary brands nationwide.

Nidhi Kalra: Founder & Director of ITAAP

Nidhi is a dynamic multi-potential, channelling her diverse talents into two impactful ventures. As the founder of ‘Passion in a Bowl,’ she passionately explores fit gastronomy, blending world cuisines with local ingredients to create culinary delights that prioritize health without compromising on taste. Her boutique food brand gained acclaim with the launch of Magic Muesli in 2018, swiftly becoming a favoured corporate gift globally, endorsed by renowned brands like Horlicks. Simultaneously, Nidhi leads ‘It’s All About People’ (ITAAP), a recruitment firm committed to aligning individuals with fulfilling career paths. With over a decade of experience in brand management, consulting, and market research, she excels in building high-performing teams and facilitating meaningful connections between talent and employers. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Nidhi spearheaded the ITAAP Collective, a probono initiative bridging job-seekers with hiring companies, contributing to the revival of the micro-economy. Nidhi is a propagator of the Lean-In culture and works intensively in the Diversity hiring space.

Dr. Nidhi Khurana: Founder & CEO of GoGlobalWays.com

Dr. Nidhi Khurana, has revolutionized education with her innovative approach. With over two decades of experience in academia and technology, she has crafted a dynamic learning platform that nurtures both children and their creativity. As a devoted mother and educator, Dr. Khurana is driven by a profound commitment to empowering the younger generation. Through GoGlobalWays.com, she and her passionate team have developed a world-class curriculum, enriched by scientific research and expertise from global leaders. Emphasizing the three C’s – Creativity, Curiosity, and Capacity – their approach aims to enhance focus, academic performance, and overall growth. This interactive ecosystem provides a central hub for acquiring essential knowledge and skills vital for thriving in a technology-driven future. Dr. Khurana’s vision is to equip children with the tools they need to innovate and conquer the world with their ingenuity.

Nidhi Rungta: Founder of Invest My Paisa and Science of Paisa

As the founder of Invest My Paisa, Nidhi leverages her financial expertise honed at NIT Durgapur and IIM Kozhikode to help 500+ clients manage assets worth 170 crores. Shocked by the low independent investment rate of Indian women (7%), they initiated workshops empowering over 1000+ individuals, with a focus on women. ‘Science of Paisa,’ their free educational arm, conducts financial literacy sessions for all.  Recently, they were selected by IIM Bangalore for their Goldman Sachs 10K women programme. Based in Kolkata for 7+ years, they foster open discussions on finance. Collaborations enhancing financial literacy excite her, as they are dedicated to aiding individuals in taking charge of their financial destinies. Whether it’s learning about personal finance, goal planning, or a simple connection, they want to embark on this journey with you!

Nikkitha Shanker: Co-Founder of Shoppre.com

Nikkitha Shanker, co-founded Shoppre.com with a vision to globalize Indian e-commerce. Within just four years, she has skilfully expanded her team to 60+ members, catering to a diverse consumer base from 140+ countries. Her leadership placed Shoppre.com at the forefront of connecting Indian businesses globally. Determined to leverage the $300 billion potential of the cross-border B2C sector, Nikkitha is on a mission to facilitate the global outreach of India’s 63+ million small businesses. Her strategy focuses on harnessing innovative technology and strategic partnerships to offer seamless, borderless shopping experiences, thereby promoting Indian craftsmanship on a global stage. Under Nikkitha’s guidance, Shoppre.com transcends traditional logistics, embodying a holistic platform that empowers Indian entrepreneurs by providing access to international markets. This effort boosts Indian small businesses while enhancing global e-commerce with India’s rich cultural heritage and artistic contributions.

Poornima Babu: Co-Founder & CEO of Insightek

This Women’s Day, we shine a spotlight on the incredible journey of Ms. Poornima Babu, a visionary leader who has transformed challenges into opportunities and shattered glass ceilings in her industry. Poornima’s journey from humble beginnings to a trailblazing entrepreneur inspires with resilience, creativity, and unwavering determination, showcasing women’s potential. Poornima founded Insightek to enable enterprises to achieve efficiencies and improve outcomes with robust solutions. With innovation and excellence, Poornima led Insightek Global to remarkable success, earning widespread recognition and accolades. But Poornima’s journey hasn’t been without its obstacles. She has faced adversity head-on, overcoming challenges and barriers with grace and determination. Poornima’s resilience in entrepreneurship and dedication to women’s empowerment inspire countless, creating opportunities for aspiring female leaders. Prior to Insightek, Poornima bootstrapped 2 IT companies, mentoring women who are now industry leaders, continuing her empowerment efforts.

Dr. Richa Raj: CEO of Ritzy Technology

In celebrating International Women’s Day, we shine a light on Dr. Richa Raj, CEO of Ritzy Technology, a beacon of female leadership in the tech world. Her groundbreaking work in AI, blockchain, and applied sciences makes her company a tech trailblazer. Ritzy Technology uniquely offers “Innovation as a Service,” delivering comprehensive research solutions to industries and clients seeking cutting-edge advancements. Dr. Raj’s initiative drives progress within her company and across the broader tech landscape. Beyond her technological feats, Dr. Raj is a fervent advocate for women in STEM, dedicating herself to mentoring and inspiring the next wave of female tech leaders. As we honor this day, Dr. Richa Raj’s achievements and her company’s innovative approach, showcasing the profound impact of women in shaping a more inclusive, forward-thinking technological future. Let’s celebrate their transformative roles, heralding a brighter, equitable tomorrow.

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    International Women’s Day: Recognizing Women Leaders Building the Future