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Meet 15 Emerging Indian Entrepreneurs thriving in their field in 2024


New Delhi (India), March 29: In a dynamic era of entrepreneurship, 15 remarkable individuals stand out as pioneers, reshaping India’s business landscape with their innovative ventures. From digital marketing to real estate, these emerging entrepreneurs are redefining success and inspiring a new generation of changemakers. Their diverse backgrounds, unwavering dedication, and transformative vision make them true trailblazers in their respective fields. Join us as we celebrate their achievements and acknowledge their profound impact on India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

1. Praveen Dilip
Discover Praveen Dilip S., the driving force behind RepuNEXT, a digital marketing juggernaut established in 2017. Renowned for his visionary leadership and innovative strategies, Praveen has revolutionized the industry landscape, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). With a diverse educational background, including an MBA from SRM School of Management, Praveen’s commitment to excellence is evident through RepuNEXT’s accolades like the “Successful Business of the Year 2022 – SEO & Branding” award.

His client-centric approach, dynamic communication skills, and inclusive leadership style highlight his dedication to driving innovation, quality, and social responsibility. praveendilip .com continues to redefine digital marketing, making RepuNEXT a go-to destination for cutting-edge digital solutions tailored to client needs.

2. Bitan Ghosh
Introducing Bitan Ghosh, the visionary entrepreneur and Design Director at Urban Canvas Design Studio. Established in August 2021, Urban Canvas Design Studio is more than just a design firm; it’s a beacon of innovation and sustainability in the architectural and interior design landscape. Bitan’s unique approach combines a passion for sustainable design with a keen business sense, resulting in pioneering solutions that harmonize aesthetic appeal with environmental responsibility.

At the heart of Urban Canvas Design Studio is a commitment to collaboration, client satisfaction, and cutting-edge technology integration, ensuring every project tells a story of beauty and functionality. With Bitan at the helm, urbancanvasdesign .studio is revolutionizing the design industry one sustainable masterpiece at a time.

3. Mr. Ishank Sahadeva
Meet Mr. Ishank Sahadeva, the visionary behind 18 Solitaire, India’s premier natural diamond engagement ring specialist brand, launched under the Startup India campaign. Founded in August 2023, this jewelry startup redefines elegance with its exquisite range of gold and diamond jewelry. Mr. Sahadeva’s entrepreneurial journey is fueled by determination, dedication, and a clear vision for success. With an optimistic approach and a humble demeanor, he embodies the ethos of a true leader.

As an engineer turned entrepreneur, he brings a unique perspective to the industry, backed by strong management and technical skills. Together with his mother, they embark on a transformative journey, tapping into the market’s void and revolutionizing the jewelry sector with their innovative concepts and Omni channel presence.

4. Adnan Bashir Attar
Adnan Bashir Attar, the visionary founder of Andro Tech Buddy, has been pioneering transformative solutions since the establishment of the company in July 2021. With a diverse portfolio encompassing IT, Web3, marketing, and legal services, Andro Tech Buddy stands out for its holistic approach to client support. Adnan’s entrepreneurial journey is marked by innovation and adaptability, as he constantly seeks to integrate emerging technologies like Web3 into traditional business solutions.

Through a commitment to client satisfaction and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Adnan leads a dynamic team dedicated to staying ahead in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. Experience the difference with Andro Tech Buddy’s comprehensive services tailored to meet the evolving needs of businesses. Visit AndroTechBuddy.com for more information.

5. Dr. Nironmoy Mukherjee
Shubhanaya Music and Career Private Limited, led by Dr. Nironmoy Mukherjee, is poised to revolutionize the film industry in 2024. Established in 2021, our company aims to produce innovative music albums, web series, and films that entertain and educate audiences. With a commitment to blending entertainment with knowledge, we strive to offer a unique cinematic experience.

Our upcoming projects, including one focused on memory enhancement techniques, exemplify this dedication to enriching viewer engagement. We are proud to welcome renowned model Amoha Mukherjee as our brand ambassador, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and creativity. Shubhanaya Music and Career Pvt. Ltd. is not just a production company; it is a beacon of innovation and inspiration in the world of cinema.

6. Saurabh Sharma
Elite Travellers, led by visionary entrepreneur Saurabh Sharma, has been a trailblazer in the adventure travel industry since its establishment in July 2017. With a fervent passion for adventure and a customer-centric approach, Elite Travellers offers tailor-made adventures, fosters community engagement, and ensures unparalleled customer satisfaction. From exhilarating treks to serene pilgrimages, each journey is thoughtfully curated to surpass expectations.

Saurabh’s commitment to forging meaningful connections and creating unforgettable memories distinguishes Elite Travellers from the rest. Elite Travellers has expanded its horizon by introducing its own hotels and camps, offering travelers a seamless experience from adventure to accommodation. Under Saurabh’s visionary leadership, Elite Travellers continues to inspire and captivate travelers seeking extraordinary adventures.

7. Farheen Ali & Sonia Verma
In the vibrant landscape of Indian entrepreneurship, Farheen Ali & Sonia Verma, co-founders of Urthy under Safar Ventures LLP, shine as pioneers of sustainable living. Established in October 2022, Urthy offers bio-degradable, non-toxic, bio-enzyme-based home and plant care products, a testament to their commitment to eco-conscious solutions.

What sets them apart is their personal journey – born out of a quest for safer, cleaner homes as unschooling moms. Farheen’s tech expertise and Sonia’s event management prowess converge to redefine home care, making it safe, accessible, and environmentally friendly for all households. Their unwavering dedication to holistic wellness and sustainability propels Urthy to the forefront of India’s emerging entrepreneurial landscape, resonating with families nationwide.

8. Hazel Fernandes
Situated in the heart of Margao, Goa, Ceuspices is more than just a spice enterprise; it’s a heartfelt tribute to a mother’s culinary legacy. Founded by Hazel Fernandes, Ceuspices embodies the cherished vision of Mrs. Ceuzita Lourdes Fernandes, who dreamed of sharing her kitchen’s treasures with the world.

Hazel’s venture, inspired by her mother’s love for spices and culinary arts, offers a delightful range of Goan flavors and condiments. From fragrant Dry Masalas to tangy Molhos and authentic Wet Masalas, each product reflects a commitment to quality and tradition. With Ceuspices, Hazel aims not only to preserve her mother’s cherished traditions but also to introduce people to the vibrant world of Goan spices, ensuring a flavorful journey for all.

9. Manisha Rustomji
Manisha Rustomji is one of the promoter directors in Stallion India Fluorochemicals Limited. It is a leading company in fluorines , refrigerants and speciality gas segment. The company is currently in an expansion drive with its upcoming IPO and two new plants and expansion into semiconductor and speciality gases to meet the booming demand being created by local semiconductor manufacturing units being promoted by the government. She actively manages the company’s public relation and CSR activities.

10. Arrpit Goyal
Established in 2012 by Arrpit Goyal, Arsa Digital Media Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of services ranging from brand design to growth marketing, addressing diverse media and IT needs under one roof. Beyond business success, Arrpit’s journey reflects a commitment to societal impact, notably through NGOs focused on Women Empowerment, earning recognition from the National Chamber of Industries and Commerce.

A seasoned speaker on national and international platforms, Arrpit advocates for themes like media, women empowerment, and AI’s role in India. With over 600 clients across 28 countries and expertise spanning 60+ industries, Arrpit’s innovative strategies and empathetic approach have established him as a transformative force in the entrepreneurial landscape. leveraging technology for societal good resonates deeply in his mission at Arsa Digital Media Solutions.

11. Shashank Gulati
Shashank Gulati, with over 17 years of expertise, spearheads SSL Realty, redefining real estate dynamics. His visionary leadership has propelled iconic projects like Golf Valley and Atlantis, showcasing meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Gulati’s role spans ideation, design, and strategic marketing, ensuring each endeavor reflects his distinctive blend of quality and creativity.

His innovative design philosophy, fused with cutting-edge technology, sets new benchmarks, establishing him as an industry vanguard. Gulati surpasses conventional norms, crafting spaces resonating with people’s aspirations and redefining the real estate landscape. As a transformative leader, his dedication to excellence continues to shape the future of the industry, inspiring innovation and setting new standards of excellence

12. Sunil Dutt
Founded in 2014 by Sunil Dutt, Egsale India Private Limited specializes in offering upscale real estate projects across Northern India. With a philosophy centered on the belief that real estate is a secure investment offering robust returns, Sunil Dutt emphasizes the importance of minimal investment for optimal gains. As a speaker, he advocates for the safety and profitability of real estate investments, highlighting Egsale.in as the premier destination for luxury property investments.

Sunil Dutt’s dedication to investing in the sales team and upholding an impeccable reputation has positioned Egsale India Private Limited as a frontrunner in the competitive real estate market, committed to meeting clients’ needs with excellence and integrity.

13. Saumya Kaushik
Founded in 2019 by Saumya Kaushik, Growup Technologies Private Limited pioneers remote work solutions for women facing career interruptions due to family commitments. Saumya’s vision addresses gender disparities by offering flexible, remote positions, ensuring talented women can pursue their careers while managing familial responsibilities. Through rigorous training and support, Growup empowers women to excel in diverse roles, contributing to businesses worldwide.

With over nine years of marketing and entrepreneurship experience, Saumya leads with a growth hacker mindset, driving innovation and social change. Growup Technologies is not just a company; it’s a beacon of empowerment, bridging the gap between talent and opportunity in the modern workforce. Join us in revolutionizing the workplace and championing gender equality

14. Akshay Acharya
Media Bird, spearheaded by Akshay Acharya, pioneers bespoke digital marketing solutions tailored for hospitals, schools, and colleges in Rajasthan. Founded in 2016, the company offers a spectrum of services, including custom mobile applications, comprehensive digital marketing strategies, creative campaigns, consulting, brand management, and educational workshops. Akshay’s entrepreneurial vision emphasizes innovation and industry focus, evidenced by Media Bird’s cutting-edge apps designed to enhance connectivity and engagement in healthcare and education.

As a Digital Marketing Expert and Creative Strategist, Akshay is renowned for his proficiency, creativity, and unwavering commitment to client success.  With a passion for excellence and a dedication to staying ahead of industry trends, Akshay continues to lead Media Bird towards sustainable digital solutions for his clients’ evolving needs.

15. Ranjana Rajora Ranjana Rajora Sharma’s journey from humble beginnings to a leadership role in education is truly inspiring. As an administrator at the Darshan Education Foundation, overseeing institutions across India and South America, she breaks geographical barriers. Ranjana’s success in women’s entrepreneurship extends globally, fostering empowerment and mentoring aspiring female leaders. Her ability to balance work and personal life, supported by her late husband, sets her apart.

With over two decades of experience, Ranjana excels in administration, policy-making, team leadership, and transformative initiatives. Her story reflects resilience, innovation, and dedication, inspiring others to redefine success. Ranjana Rajora Sharma emerges as a beacon of change, reshaping education and empowering women in Naya Bharat and beyond, epitomizing the spirit of leadership and empowerment.

As we reflect on the journeys of these 15 inspiring entrepreneurs, we are reminded of the limitless potential of Indian innovation. Their stories serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere, demonstrating that with passion, perseverance, and a bold vision, anything is possible. Let us continue to support and celebrate their endeavors, paving the way for a future where entrepreneurship thrives and drives positive change in our society.

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